Buying New Construction

Purchasing a new construction home can be an exciting experience, but it involves additional aspects above and beyond the traditional home buying process. By working with a Realtor, you can proceed confidently knowing a trusted expert is on your side.

While builders offer their own services to home buyers, those services are often designed to ensure the builder comes out on top. By working with a trusted Realtor who is familiar with local and national builders, you benefit from their expertise without worry and extra costs.

Here are six reasons to use a Realtor when purchasing new construction:

  1. The on-site agent works for the builder. The agent is paid by the builder and represents their best interests. Have someone in your corner. Your Realtor’s commissions do not affect the sale price of the new construction home.
  2. Realtors are familiar with all the national and local builders in the area and can help you narrow down which builder will work best for your family’s needs from pricing, location, customization and more.
  3. Realtors have great relationships with builders because they bring them multiple customers throughout the years.
  4. A Realtor can assist you in comparing builders “apples to apples.”
  5. Realtor representation will save you time. Your Realtor will be responsible for managing the process of your home build to make sure it is a smooth transaction for everyone involved.
  6. A Realtor can save you money. We will serve as your advocate to help with closing costs, upgrades, finishes, design options and more.

From managing the home's construction progress to negotiating design options and closing costs, your agent is here for you every step of the way. Contact a Davidson Realty agent to get started. Your new home awaits!

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