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Davidson Development Inc. has the expertise, experience, horse-power and personnel to provide a variety of Real Estate Related Services. We are very adept at working individually or as a team participant; we can lead and we can collaborate – we can offer advice and counsel or we can produce documents, plans and a variety of schedules - whatever best suits our clients' goals and objectives.

We provide comprehensive services through our in-house compliment of land development and real estate brokerage experts. We can work one-on-one as if performing as an “expert witness”. We can assemble, direct and manage multi-disciplinary teams of complimentary professions so that our clients can benefit from a stream-lined, efficient and totally coordinated effort.

We always strive to insure that everything we do, including the efforts of our teammates, results in a value-added enhancement of any real estate asset.

Our core seven services are described as follows:

Real Estate Investment

Our numerous years of hands-on real estate experience, through many market turns, uniquely positions us to evaluate the true, market value of land – no matter what the current market conditions.

While we understand the power of a well-crafted “sales pitch” as much as anyone – we assess real value with a clear, unbiased, unemotional approach. This approach enables us to provide sound investment counsel that will have substantial influence on any “go-no go” decision with respect to a real estate sale or purchase. We have a recognized and proven record of sharp financial acumen which we bring to every aspect of our work.

Project Viability Analysis

Davidson Development has performed in the role of Master Developer on award-winning, nationally and world recognized developments. Our experience in delivering successful developments is grounded in our belief that all real estate projects must first be determined to be viable (in all respects) – before advancing to programming, design and development.

Time has demonstrated that projects which get force-fit for any reason usually fail in the near-term. We are not interested in positioning real estate for a fast-flip based on trumped-up accolades and hollow promises of escalating value.

We work closely with both owners and their land to understand the owners' development goals and aspirations balanced with the environmental, cultural, historic, and regulatory and development attributes of the land itself. We strive to achieve a hand-in-glove compatibility, in this regard, that will pave a path to investment and development success. We base our programming recommendations on a careful study of opportunities and constraints, attributes and liabilities and options and obstacles to establish a measurement of viability that informs and validates the entire land development process.

Land Use Programming

We assemble project data to illustrate various programmatic opportunities that help showcase all viable development options for a given property. We study comparable, successful (and even not-so-successful) projects in the immediate locale and surrounding market region. We look at national and world examples – to draw ideas and get inspiration. As various development programs and program elements are proposed – we knit them together to create unique and original programs that can deliver a competitive edge in the market.

Our collective project experience and track record of directing and working with large, multi-disciplinary consultant teams has educated us in marketing principles; nevertheless, we collaborate with the best marketing-minds to supplement our programming objectives and strengthen our land use proposals. We know that with realistic, yet ambitious, land use programming objectives – most any property can be competitively positioned, easily managed and operated, attractively marketed, economically enhanced and ultimately, successfully sold.

Project Permitting

Davidson Development is known and respected for its “partner” approach to all regulatory agencies. We have worked long and hard to establish our reputation as a Master Developer Extraordinaire when it comes to abiding by the rules and regulations of local, county, state and national agencies.

We take pride in our ability to work in a collegial and collaborative manner – to satisfy the demands of regulatory agencies without unduly compromising the needs and budgets of our clients. Davidson Development has enjoyed an effective working relationship with, among others, the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Environmental Regulation, various State of Florida Water Management Districts (chiefly, St. Johns River Water Management District), Florida Department of Transportation, City of Jacksonville, St. Johns County (and other north Florida counties) and the State of Florida's Regional Planning Councils and Department of Community Affairs.

Importantly, we enter every regulatory and permitting pursuit with the sole purpose of maximizing a property's regulatory rights while adhering to the rules, regulations, covenants and restrictions. We push the regulatory envelope through inventiveness and with proven examples but we know when a “no” means “no”. Even so, we have had tremendous positive results when we have questioned and tested, with authority and reason, the regulatory directions – to create a win-win scenario for all parties.

Design & Construction Management

The smell of freshly-turned dirt, the clang and ringing of construction equipment, the coming together of infrastructure, buildings and landscape, the preservation of natural environments and the construction of beautiful built environments is what gives us immense satisfaction. We don't delegate – we participate, direct, supervise, manage, instruct, alleviate, mitigate, remediate and build – in short, we don't delegate it – we do it.

Davidson Development employs a comprehensive approach to the entire design, development and construction process. We assemble, direct and choreograph the best professional disciplines necessary to plan, design and permit a project. We partner with the most professional, reputable, business-minded contractors available to ensure the fair, honest, on-time and on-budget delivery of every built phase of a project, including compliance with regulatory inspections and permitting obligations. Our purpose, in the construction phase of any project, is to ensure that all activities of our project team are conducted with trust, competency, care and integrity.

Many of the projects we have built have garnered awards and accolades. When we launch construction activity, we remain attentive and committed to the very end – to achieve high-quality, goal-satisfying, lasting-value that delivers by any measure. We know that anything we build – carries our name – and just like you would yours – we protect and hold it dear.

Land & Asset Disposition Strategies

Many highly desirable, well-located, attractive projects and development sites have come back to their original owners/lenders/investors – whether they wanted them, or not. When these Real Estate Owned (REO) assets are assigned to managers with limited real estate sales, marketing and development experience, they often go into hibernation for months and even years. Often times, the vast portfolio of assets prevent the gems and otherwise viable development sites from emerging out of the file.

We can perform essentially as an Owner's Representative to speed the disposition of real estate, whether it is owned by an individual, family trust, investor group, or financial/lending institution. We have the experience and expertise to oversee the financial performance of a regional property portfolio; review and approve service agreements and contracts; respond to requests for information from investors and capital clients; prepare annual operating plans and capital budgets; assist property managers in evaluating and resolving operational issues; completing quarterly (or otherwise) valuations and reports for property portfolios; representing an owner before government/regulatory agencies; analyzing tax assessments and positioning a property for its highest and best use to maximize sale proceeds.

Troubled Asset Solutions

Today's real estate complexion demands a practiced, stable and astute approach to maximizing values, no matter what the asset's current condition. Davidson Development has over 100 years of combined experience in its leadership with the complementary talents of business plan modeling, fund securitization, account management, project programming, design, development and construction, operational strategies and long-term management ability.

We can assess all aspects of real estate and quickly define the very best way to enhance both immediate and lasting values. We conduct thorough research and detailed due-diligence to rationally support our assessments so that owners can factually benefit – we don't assume – we strive to prove the merits of our counsel. Our over-arching, complimentary talents enable us to understand all that may have transpired prior to our involvement with a land-based asset, as well as chart a course for its turn-around and renewed desirability and utility. We can assist financial institutions and lending partners with strategizing and positioning their newly-acquired (through any means) real estate so as to not be burdened with its carry.

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