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Sarah Poehler

Sarah Poehler is originally from Austin, Texas. She has over 4 years of  property management experience and had a successful art business in Texas. Having an architect as a father and her property management experience, she’s familiar with a variety of housing and architectural styles. She has a BFA in studio art and design and loves traveling. In 2013 she traveled the world studying sculptural design, adding to her personal knowledge and expertise. 

Sarah has  lived in Jacksonville over 6 years and has made Jax her home. She’s currently in the San Marco area and frequents Riverside and the beaches.  

In her free time frequents the Jacksonville Zoo and volunteers with local animal rescues. She stays active in the community and often hosts local gaming, community walks, or art lesson meetups.

Sarah 's Awards
Top Sales Team for April 2021
Top Sales Team for February 2021
Top Sales Team for January 2021
Top Sales Team for August 2020