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Mike Kryachun

Mike Kryachun joined our Davidson Realty team with nothing short of an exciting upbringing. Coming from a family of 12 children, he learned to be a jack of all trades. He started off learning the ins and outs of being a mechanic by spending time with his father. He became a gymnastics coach after that, got into framing homes, car hauling and then cabinetry. All of these experiences shaped him and led him into this industry and finally to our team where he can put to use all of the wonderful skills he has developed over the years. His level of understanding and his willingness to help others is something that is cherished deeply in this industry. Apart from being in the office, Mike is spending quality time with his wife, enjoying everything Florida has to offer, expanding his mind through books and classes, and firing up the grill to share incredible meals with his family and friends. Mike believes that a helping hand is never a wasted effort.