Christina Treadway

Christina Treadway has been licensed in Florida Real Estate since 2017. She is originally from Chicago’s NW burbs and has since lived in 5 US states and studied abroad in London UK. Christina has held many different professions including working for an Aerospace company and is a former Financial Advisor with over 12 years of experience in Finance and also taught in the Florida Public School system. Christina believes in providing exceptional service and always puts people first. As a skilled negotiator she will ensure you leave no stone unturned and have all your concerns addressed, especially the questions you didn’t know to ask. Christina’s got you covered!


Christina holds a BA in History from The University of Texas at San Antonio, with a master’s level concentration in Medieval History and Arts from London University, Birkbeck College. She is an active member of The Green Cove Advisory Committee and is a Certified Financial Educator. Christina is Married and has a beloved pet Molly. Christina enjoys gardening, travel and the arts.