Steve Rodriguez

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Steve’s always had a love for North Florida’s exceptional coast. His interest in real estate was sparked when working alongside a real estate investor. Since then, while working in the technology industry, Steve’s worked part time in real estate. Customer service and problem solving have always been of fundamental interest to Steve, which led him to go full-time with his passion for real estate and going above and beyond for his customers.

In his free time, Steve loves playing with his two dogs, Coco and Pooh. He contributes to our community through Strut your Mutt and volunteering at the Sulzbacher Center. Steve is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hiking, camping, and exercise.

Steve's Awards
Top Producing Beach Agent for September 2017
Beach Top Sales for June 2018
Top Sales for September 2018
Beach Top Sales for September 2018
Beach Top Producer for Q3 2018
Beach Top Sales for Q3 2018