Ann Sydnor

While Ann was born and raised in Atlanta GA, she wanted to live in the St Augustine area after her parents purchased a condo in Crescent Beach in the early 1980’s.  In fact, she even graciously offered to live in the condo and attend Flagler College, but her parents wisely declined.  Ann was fortunate enough to marry Mark who also loved the St Augustine area.  After almost 20 years of marriage, the dream of living in Crescent Beach is a reality.

Ann has worked in commercial property management and the self-storage industry for most of her career.  She earned her MBA in 2010 with a concentration in project management.  With her combination of experience and education, she is well suited to provide superior customer service.

Along the way, Ann and her husband have had one semi-custom home, one 100-year-old renovation with new addition, and one custom home.  Through each of these experiences, Ann has been exposed to many facets of residential real estate.  Ann is now looking forward to helping others obtain their dreams.