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CDPE: (Certified Distressed Property Expert) are real estate professionals with specialized training in Short Sales and Foreclosure prevention.

CNE: (Certified Negotiation Expert) the premier negotiation designation in real estate. Advanced negotiation skills to help clients achieve their goals.

Pauline's first job was at 14 years old and she is no stranger to hard work. Because of her ambition, she became a mother late in life, but is inspired by the responsibility of raising good children and balancing a loving family with a successful career. She grew up the oldest in a family of five and had great role models as parents, who taught her the importance of responsibility to family as well to her community.

The things that are most important in life to Pauline have changed since she was young. She would rather give more than receive; she loves great food, a variety of music, being athletic, and finds great reward through traveling and learning other cultures. She also loves being close to the ocean.

Pauline believes listening more than speaking, genuinely caring about customers and every transaction, specializing in a specific area and willingly referring business to experts in different areas make her the professional she strives to be.

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